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Culinary riches - Hip, Bib and pancakes in the Nijmegen region

Pull up a chair! For a dinner that doesn’t involve processed food but does include local products, visit the former Honig factory: the new hotspot on the Waal River where, incidentally, you can also try some very special beers and coffee in the breweries in the complex. Or order a pancake! The Nijmegen region has countless pancake bakers, pancake restaurants, pancake houses, pancake villas and even a pancake boat. Prefer an elegant meal? Six restaurants in and close to Nijmegen have been awarded a Bib Gourmand seal of quality. And for a good, local and, above all, delicious glass of wine, where else would you go but the wine village of Groesbeek?

And don’t forget to sample the fruit loaf known as Nijmeegs Marikenbrood during your visit!

Regional produce

Fruity indulgence

Just by thinking of the Betuwe region, you can almost taste the fruit: apples, pears, cherries, Morello cherries, medlars, walnuts and plums, straight from the tree to the farm shops and the roadside fruit stalls. You will find the farm shop De Woerdt on an ancient, listed Betuwe farm in Ressen. It regularly arranges picking days, tastings and fairs. And what about visiting one of the tea gardens to sample some Dutch apple cake made with apples from the orchards next door?

If you want to shop for quality food – honey from the beekeeper, farmhouse cheese, homemade beer, vegetables, fruit and other local products – go to farms and farm shops. 

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Tastiest local product - Nijmeegs Marikenbrood

This currant bread filled with almond paste, butter cream and pieces of mandarin orange is named after Mariken van Nieumeghen (Mary of Nemmegen), the key figure in a ‘miracle play’ that was performed in the market square in Nijmegen. The story goes that Mariken was seduced by the devil and lived with him for over seven years. Then, as if by a miracle, her patron saint Mary intervened and she repented her sins.

Wine village Groesbeek