Castles and stately homes

Come and visit the castles and stately homes in Rijk van Nijmegen! Some of them are open to visitors, allowing you to see the way of life, the architecture and the art of bygone times; others can only be admired from the outside. 

Museum Castle Wijchen

Museum Castle Wijchen was the love nest of Emilia of Oranje-Nassau and her husband Emanuel of Portugal. Under their leadership, the castle was rebuilt in Renaissance style in 1597. The two intertwined E’s and the Latin proverbs Quis contra nos (‘Who will be against us’) and Spes alteraë vite (‘The hope of another life’) on the facade symbolised their love for each other. Despite these romantic extravagances, the couple parted ways in 1626. The castle changed hands several times thereafter. In

2022, the castle and museum reopened after a thorough renovation. Visit the archaeological museum collection to take a peek into the lives of the people who lived here hundreds of years ago.

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Hernen Castle

Unlike many other Dutch castles, Hernen castle was never destroyed or besieged throughout the centuries. Nor has it undergone any major renovations or modernisations. So, this sturdy castle gives a good impression of what a real medieval castle looked like. Moreover, this castle is unique compared to the still existing castles in the Netherlands—it has a covered weather corridor. Walking across the courtyard, looking at the thick walls and through the embrasures and machicolations, you will feel like a noble person. Find out what a ‘misbaksel’ is, discover the hægl and the battering ram, and view some of the extraordinary finds from the moat. There is a fun treasure hunt for the children with a talking lantern.

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