Hernen Castle

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Kasteel Hernen
Dorpsstraat 40
6616 AH Hernen
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A castle that sparks the imagination, and where you instantly take a step back in time! You will be guided round the castle by a “speaking” lantern, which recreates its history from the lord of the manor’s perspective.

If you had lived in the 16th century, what would you have done to adapt the castle to the demands of that time? Hernen has gradually evolved. Over time, the need for defence gave way to the desire to live more comfortably.

To emphasise the architecture, the rooms are unfurnished. No other castle in the Netherlands has a covered wall-walk like Hernen’s, and the reason for the disappearance of the great tower-house in the 19th century remains a talking point.
English tours can be arranged by appointment.

For those who would like to combine a visit to the castle with a walk, we recommend the walking tour below.

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