Climb the Duivelsberg (Devil’s Mountain) or put on your snorkel and dive under water in the Ooij. Stroll along the banks of the River Waal or step onto a Segway to visit the geese. Whatever you do and with whom – family, friends or the ranger – the scenic beauty of the Nijmegen region will amaze you with its versatility, vastness, meandering rivers and rolling hills. And it is always close by. You can walk straight into the Ooij polder from Nijmegen. Around the Hatert and Overasselt fens, you might find yourself face to face with badgers, stoats and see as many as 80 species of bird. At Heerlijkheid Beek you can’t miss the thickest tree in the Netherlands. And you really should visit the Mookerheide nature reserve in autumn, when the landscape takes on the colour of royal purple.

The purple heather

The month when the heather blooms is August. This is when the heather turns a beautiful purple. This purple heather is very beautiful to see and therefore a real attraction during the weeks it is in bloom. You can see the purple heather in the Rijk van Nijmegen at the following locations: the Mookerheide nature reserve and the Hatertse and Overasseltse Vennen nature reserve. Both nature reserves are well worth visiting all year round, but in August you can come here to see the colourful natural beauty of the purple heather.

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