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One of The Netherlands’ oldest city is still young at heart; Nijmegen cherishes its historical treasures while simultaneously embracing renewal. Nijmegen’s abundant natural beauty, thanks to its riverside location, combined with its wide range of sporting and cultural activities mean that this city on the River Waal has something for everyone. Thousands of students in the city help to give it a hipster vibe, ranging from trendy coffee bars and concept stores to a wide choice of nightlife and live music venues. In the summer months, this self-proclaimed ‘Summer Capital of Holland’ organises events that also attract visitors from much further afield.

Over two thousand years ago, the Romans settled in Nijmegen with good reason – they saw the area as having plenty of potential. Admittedly, in those days ‘Nijmegen’ was little more than a hill next to a river, but it was a very nicely situated hill offering a terrific view. Nowadays you can find traces of the Roman history in the museums and – if you look closely enough – in the city’s streets too.

You can still enjoy not only Roman archaeological remains but also Roman traditions in the Nijmegen region, such as the excellent custom of completely relaxing now and again in a sauna or spa to recharge your batteries. Do you prefer more active types of relaxation? You could hike the N70, a unique walk that takes you over eight ‘mountains’ through varied countryside and cultural history. Or cycle through the area known as the Betuwe, where you will be captivated by the blossom in spring, and where later in the year you can buy cherries, apples and pears from roadside stalls. You’ll find plenty of grapes in the wine village of Groesbeek: bottled to produce prize-winning wines.

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