World War II

The Arnhem/Nijmegen region played a key role on the world stage towards the end of the Second World War. During Operation Market Garden in September 1944, the Ginkelse Heide heath close to Ede was the site of one of the biggest airborne landing operations in history. Parts of the southern Netherlands were liberated, as far as Nijmegen, but the operation ground to a dramatic halt at the bridge in Arnhem. The subsequent winter was harsh.

A few months later, in February 1945, the final phase of the liberation movement – Operation Veritable – started from the Nijmegen area. It marked the beginning of the great Rhineland Offensive. Soldiers and citizens alike became caught up in an unpredictable war in which the stakes were life or death, joy or sorrow. The enemy was eventually defeated and freedom was restored.

Liberation Museum (1944-1945)

The Liberation Museum brings the past to life through dioramas as well as typical music, original films, images, audio recordings and even smells of the 1940s. Here, visitors can experience the run-up to the war, the occupation, the liberation and the rebuilding of the Netherlands and Europe. Through unique and edgy exhibitions, the museum repeatedly succeeds in offering new insights into the period before, during and after the Second World War, thus presenting the value and importance of democracy, freedom and human rights to visitors of all ages. Visit one of the most splendid places of the Netherlands, situated in the rolling countryside, and experience freedom!

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