On your Bike

Cycle back through the centuries in a day - Straight across the Nijmegen region

Cycle over rolling hills, past vineyards and with a view of the rivers; you can see so much natural beauty in the Nijmegen region by bike. Choose a route that traces the centuries-old roads the Romans took, or a route along the water’s edge for endless diversity. Every bend reveals something new: meandering dikes, abandoned islands and picturesque sections of reclaimed land. And you never know, you might find yourself face to face with Konik horses. Spoiler alert: it really is just as beautiful as everyone says!

Had enough of cycling? Stop for a rest at a café or restaurant along the way. Read our tips here. 

From one intersection to the next

The network of cycle routes is a system of individual cycle routes that are interconnected by numbered intersections (usually at the crossroads of cycle paths). You can use a map of the cycle route network to plan your own route from one intersection to the next.

You can purchase maps of the network of intersections at the Tourist Information office (VVV) or from the reception at your accommodation.

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Discover the Betuwe region

You can savour the scent of the blossom in the spring, and it’s a terrific time of year to walk or cycle through the sea of pastel colours. And in the summer it’s a feast for your taste buds: first the strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, then the cherries and plums, followed by the first apples in mid-August and last but not least the pears in September. You can buy all this delicious fresh fruit in local farm shops and from stalls at the side of the road, or why not pick your own at relevant farms or on National Pick Your Own Day? The ‘Streekproducten’ and ‘Rondje Betuwe’ routes ensure you don’t miss any highlights, such as the vegetables, nuts, milk, cheese and other delicious local products that are also produced in the Betuwe region.

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