Stay at a host family

Frequently asked questions

Am I guaranteed of a stay at a host family when I register at Vierdaagsebed? 
When you register, we will do our absolute best to make sure you will stay at a host family in Nijmegen or the surrounding area. You are not guaranteed of a place to sleep, we depend on the registrations of the host families.

How can I make my preferences known? 
During your registration you will be able to share your preferences in the registration form. 

What are the prices per person per night? 
Bed & breakfast           € 55
Full board                     € 75

When will I receive the address of my host family?
In the first week of July you will receive the name and address of your host family. This will be send to you by email.

Is it possible to stay with the same host family as I stayed last year?
Yes this is possible but only when the host family registers and agrees with having you. Share your preferences in the registration form. 

Which corona measures apply to Vierdaagsebed?
We follow the actual Covid guidelines and measures that are communicated on the Government's website – called Rijksoverheid.

What to do when my host family does not meet the terms and conditions of Vierdaagsebed? 
Please give us a call and together we will come to a solution.

How do I get to the start in the morning? 
During the Four Days Marches the public transport is very well arranged. A special bus schedule will make it possible for even the earliest walkers to make it to the start in time. Furthermore there is the possibility to buy a special taxi ticket for the days that you will be walking. For more information, visit the page Transport.

Will my money be refunded when I have to cancel my registration? 
There will be a special refund policy applied when you cancel your registration. You can find this policy in the terms and conditions.

What will be the procedure when I am excluded from walking the Four Days Marches?
In case you are excluded from walking the Four Days Marches the earlier named refund policy will be applied.

What to do if I have a complaint? 
Complaints can be send to Vierdaagsebed by email.