Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Vierdaagsebed 2024 

These conditions are meant to give guidance to the concept of Vierdaagsebed so both walker and host family know what they can expect. If a place to sleep does not meet the conditions we urge you to contact us as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after arrival. This way, together with you, Vierdaagsebed can come to a solution. Complaints can be handed in until two weeks after the Vierdaagse. These will be handled and used as feedback.  If you register yourself at Vierdaagsebed.nl as walker or host family you agree with the fact that you do not know where you will sleep or who you will receive beforehand. Everyone is welcome, we do not exclude anyone. However, if you are in need of specific support, we ask you to mention this to us beforehand.  The 4Daagse 2024 will take place from July 16th till July 19th. 

Care – What can you expect? 

A good bed at a separate or shared room (no: couch, mattress on the ground or child’s bed). 

The stay is available between the days of arrival and days of departure. The days of arrival are between Saturday July 13th and Monday July 15th 2024. The days of departure are between Friday July 19th and Sunday July 21st 2024. A stay at Vierdaagsebed always lasts a minimum of 4 nights. A shorter stay is not possible. 

A host family supports an athlete at this great prestation! This means that the host family is expected to everything they can to take care of the walker and to accept them into the household. At the same time, we ask the walker to take the rules and customs of the house into account. Not following house rules or these terms and conditions can mean that the services are put to an end. 

How to get a satisfied and happy walker? 

One rule: pamper them! How? Try to get to know each other beforehand and ask about each other's expectations. Does someone want peace or a chat? What would they like to eat? Practically, this means that you serve breakfast in a nice manner. You lay the table, prepare fresh bread and toppings, you cook a warm and nutritious meal, you might offer a drink and toast on a great accomplishment! 

Would you like to stay at the same address together with people you know? We ask you to register in one application together!

Do you register as host family and would you like to host the same people as last year and is this feeling mutual, then you can let us know and we will try to take this into account. 

Price – what are the costs? 


Costs bed & breakfast 

Compensation host family 

Costs full board 

Compensation host family 

Administration costs per registration 

Change fee 


€ 55,00 

€ 45,00 

€ 75,00 

€ 62,50 

€ 15,50



As host family you pay costs for mediation. 

When you register as walker, you pay € 15,50 for administration costs. 

Host families receive € 45,00 per person per night for bed & breakfast. 

Host families receive € 60,00 per person per night for full board. 

The total costs, including administration costs, have to be paid directly or within 14 days after registration. The registration is completed when the full payment is made. 

Payment to the host family is within 2 weeks after the end of the Vierdaagse and is only made by bank transfer. 

Has something come up? Cancellation terms and conditions 2024 

Cancelling is only possible via mail. Until 2 months before the start of the Vierdaagse, cancellations are free of charge, with the exception of € 15,50 administration costs per person. 

Between May 1st and May 31st, we withhold the costs of 1 night. 

Between June 1st and June 30th, we withhold the costs of 2 nights. 

After July 1st, the full costs will be charged, and a refund is not possible. 


What en when? 

Costs walker 

Costs host family  


€10,00 per change 

€10,00 per change 


Cancellation untill 2 months before start of Four Day Marches 



Cancellation between May 1st and May 31st 2024 

Withholding costs of 1 night + €15,50 administration costs* 


Cancellation between June 1st and June 30th 2024 

Withholding costs of 2 nights + €15,50 administration costs* 

€15,50 administration costs** 


Cancellation after July 1st 2024 

100% payment, restitution no longer possible + €15,50 administration costs* 

€15,50 administration costs** 



As soon as you have no/less available places to sleep anymore or when something changes in the rooms, you are, as host family, obliged to let us know directly. Together, we will look at what these changes mean for the guests. This might mean that you can receive less guests than before. 

The guarantee of compensation when a walker cancels at the last minute: After July 1st, the host family (who has received an email with the match and the details of the guests) has a right to compensation of 2 nights per person. This is only the case if we have not been able to find a new guest for you. 

If you make changes as host family, we will withhold costs from the compensation. The costs are €10,00 per change. Errors can be made; if you become aware of your mistake within 24 hours, we can be lenient. If you have more beds available and you want to change this, we will not withhold the costs for this change. 

When a walker makes excessive amounts of changes, they will pay €10,00 per change as well. 

What should a host family comply with? 

A host family only lets their own home and is present during the Vierdaagse to take care of the guests. The house is in a good state and is comfortable, clean and fresh: 

  • The bedroom has a window that can ventilate, a wardrobe and the home is smoke free. 

  • There is clean sanitation. 

  • In between, cleaning will be done (sanitation daily) and there are fresh towels every day. 

The host family makes sure that the walker lacks nothing when it comes to food and drinks: 

  • With bed & breakfast the following things will be provided: coffee, tea, milk, enough fresh bread, several toppings. 

  • With full board the following things will be provided: breakfast, lunch for on the road, a nutritious, warm meal with sufficient drinks. 

Other important matters to be aware of 

Vierdaagsebed only matches people with you that walk the Vierdaagse. 

As soon as you are registered as a host family, you save these places for the guest of Vierdaagsebed. When you register, only register the beds that are actually available. We have noticed that host families sometimes easily deregister or go looking for possible guests themselves after having registered. This creates false hope for a place to sleep for the walkers and it slows the matching process down. 

The matching process takes place in several phases and is done automatically. When there are enough applications to match a large number of people, we will start a matching round. We will do this several times. In case there are questions about special support, we will try to make a match manually. 

We will communicate the details of the match between walker and host as soon as possible. However, Vierdaagsebed is dependent on the available offers of the hosts. Therefore, it is not easy to predict the exact moment when you will receive the email with the matching details. We will send you this email on July 1st at the latest. 

Vierdaagsebed cannot guarantee that all registered beds will be filled with guests. Vierdaagsebed cannot be held accountable for: 

  • Damage done to your possessions by your guests 

  • Damage done to your guests’ possessions by you 

Letting one double bed to two guests is not always possible. This preference can mean that you will not be able to host anyone. We hope that the host family is open to receiving one guest for a double bed. 

Beforehand, it is not known where you will be placed as guest. It is not possible to give a preference for a certain zip code area. In case you are placed in the centre of Nijmegen, you may experience noise disturbance because of the Vierdaagse celebrations. 

Vierdaagsebed cannot be held accountable for any costs made in case the address of your host family is changed out of necessity (e.g. taxi card, public transportation, “blarenpas,” etc.). 

When you are in need of specific support as a walker due to a certain limitation, we ask you to contact us. We will try to take this into account when finding the right match. However, we cannot guarantee a match. 

A few necessary personal details are asked for on the registration form. We only use this information for our own purposes, and it will not be provided to others. Details are destroyed after 18 months. More information about personal details can be found in our privacy statement. 

In case these terms and conditions are not followed, there is a chance that we do not accept the host family and/or that the matched guests will be placed elsewhere. In this case, the right on compensation expires. If the host family has a valid reason to not want to accept a guest any longer, Vierdaagsebed is not responsible for the finding of another accommodation. 

Terms and conditions last modified on January 18th 2024.