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  • Vierdaagse Accommodatie Wake 'n Walk

    Vierdaagse Accommodatie Wake 'n Walk

    Slapen vlakbij de start van de Vierdaagse? Dat kan bij Wake ’n Walk. Wij maken tijdelijke hotels in meerdere...


  • Waalcamping Vierdaagsecamping

    Waalcamping Vierdaagsecamping

    As a participant of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches, you can spend the night at the Waal camping site...


  • Motel Koolen

    Motel Koolen

    Motel Koolen is situated on the old main road from Nijmegen to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, on the outskirts of...


  • Maikenshof Recreatie

    Maikenshof Recreatie

    We offer various luxurious accommodations for eight people and above (or less after consultation). The...

    Berg en Dal

  • Dorpshuis ‘De Bosduivel’

    Dorpshuis ‘De Bosduivel’

    During the four days of 2023, walkers can spend the night in Dorpshuis 'De Bosduivel' in the Heilig Land...

    Heilig Landstichting

  • Camping de Geuldert

    Camping de Geuldert

    Quiet family-friendly campsite situated in splendid countryside at the foot of the St. Jansberg hill,...


  • Zeelandsche Hof

    Zeelandsche Hof

    The Zeelandsche Hof Campsite is located in the Gelderse Poort nature reserve between Nijmegen and Cleves....

    Millingen aan de Rijn

  • Recreatiecentrum Heumens Bos

    Recreatiecentrum Heumens Bos

    Recreatiecentrum Heumens Bos is a quiet family campsite set in a magnificent walking and cycle area....


  • Camping De But

    Camping De But

    A quiet campsite with 100 pitches in the forests of Berg en Dal. Enjoy unparalleled peace and nature....


  • De Capellen Hof

    De Capellen Hof

    De Capellen Hof is a farm on the domain called Heerlijkheid Leur which dates back to 1815. On the edge...


  • Groepsaccommodatie De Elegast

    Groepsaccommodatie De Elegast

    Part of the De Refter residential and working community, housed in a former French girls’ boarding school....


  • Vakantie bij Meeussen

    Vakantie bij Meeussen

    A holiday at Meeussen’s is a holiday in comfortable detached bungalows in leafy surroundings. A holiday...


  • Minicamping QKLQ

    Minicamping QKLQ

    Ben and Anne-Marie Roelofs from Angeren travelled to Mongolia in March 2007 to skate the alternative...


  • Minicamping en Rundveehouderij De Hoge Hof

    Minicamping en Rundveehouderij De Hoge Hof

    De Hoge Hof campsite commands magnificent panoramic views of the hills around Groesbeek and is a haven...


  • Slapen bij Herman

    Slapen bij Herman

    Relax and enjoy! Nice walk without worries. Enjoy the largest walking party in the Netherlands and don't...


  • Hotel Oranjestaete

    Hotel Oranjestaete

    Contemporary relaxation in an historic city; that's what Apparthotel Oranjestaete in Nijmegen is all...


  • Fruitbedrijf en Landwinkel De Woerdt

    Fruitbedrijf en Landwinkel De Woerdt

    Landwinkel De Woerdt (De Woerdt Farm Shop) is housed in a centuries-old 'T-farmhouse' in Ressen (between...


  • Campsite de Waay

    Campsite de Waay

    A pleasant family campsite in the central river region, in the heart of the Betuwe and the Gelderse Poort...


  • Michi


    For the four-day hikers we are offering our attractive Training Centre as an overnight accommodation...


  • Vierdaagse Camping sv Juliana'31 Malden

    Vierdaagse Camping sv Juliana'31 Malden

    A quietly located campsite 25 minutes by bike to the Wedren. SV Juliana has been offering a Four Days...


  • Marikenstraat (Nijmegen)

    Marikenstraat (Nijmegen)

    Marikenstraat is a two-level street with some 50 shops to turn your shopping into a fun experience. The...


  • De Vierdaagsecamping

    De Vierdaagsecamping

    The Vierdaagsecamping is a temporary campsite that has been set up with great passion since 1977 during...


  • Center Parcs Het Heijderbos

    Center Parcs Het Heijderbos

    Center Parcs Het Heijderbos is situated in splendid woodland surroundings. We offer various types of...


  • Camping Waalstrand

    Camping Waalstrand

    Terraced campsite featuring 150 pitches in the forelands of the river Waal. Enjoy the stunning river...