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  • Kasteel Doornenburg

    Kasteel Doornenburg

    Mediaeval castle in Overbetuwe where the Rhine and Waal meet. Imposing stronghold, part of which is free...


  • De Waagh, Stadscafé en Restaurant

    De Waagh, Stadscafé en Restaurant

    You can’t miss this period property, Town Café and restaurant De Waagh, which dates back to 1612. It...


  • Pannenkoekenboot Nijmegen

    Pannenkoekenboot Nijmegen

    It’s possible to combine a boat trip with all-you-can-eat pancakes all year round on the Pannenkoekenboot...


  • Waalcamping Vierdaagsecamping

    Waalcamping Vierdaagsecamping

    As a participant of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches, you can spend the night at the Waal camping site...


  • Café Daen

    Café Daen

    Cosy brown eatery with a free party room. Located in the old Nijmegen Laeckenhal in the heart of the...


  • De Lindenberg

    De Lindenberg

    De Lindenberg is thé Arts Centre in Nijmegen. Besides art courses De Lindenberg hosts a wide range of...


  • Hotel 't Spijker

    Hotel 't Spijker

    Hotel-restaurant ’t Spijker is a uniquely situated and stylish family hotel. The friendliness and attentiveness...


  • Hotel Courage Waalkade

    Hotel Courage Waalkade

    Set in the heart of historic Nijmegen within a stone’s throw from the shopping and entertainment centre...


  • Café Restaurant De Vink

    Café Restaurant De Vink

    Our restaurant is located in a stunning spot in the Ooijpolder. It features two terraces where you can...


  • De Buitenpoort Huissen

    De Buitenpoort Huissen

    The Buitenpoort is a multifunctional and stylish hospitality company in the heart of Huissen, between...


  • Omnivents


    Omnivents organises sports and adventurous events.