Transport during Four Days Marches

The Four Days Marches draw thousands of people to the city of Nijmegen to support their friends or family, to witness this impressive marching event and/or to soak up the wonderful atmosphere. The huge crowds put considerable pressure on the local hospitality, the road network and public transport. Therefore, participants and spectators are advised to use public transport or travel by bike as much as possible.

Public transport
During the Four Days Marches bus and railway companies operate extended services in Nijmegen and the surrounding area. In the early hours of the morning trains will take you from surrounding towns and villages into Nijmegen town centre. The Four Days Marches starting point is approximately a 15 minute walk from Nijmegen Central Station.

The exact timetables will be made public 1 or 2 weeks prior to the Four Days Marches. The following websites will give you the information you need about the public transport during the Four Days Marches. - Information about trains schedules - Information about all forms of public transport

Parking permit
For the Four Days Marches week, walkers can purchase a 4, 5 or 6-day car park ticket in advance online. Parking at ‘P+R Nijmegen Noord’ and ‘P+R Nijmegen West’: your car park ticket is then also valid for the return bus journey to the city centre (close to the starting point) for max. 4 people. 

The Blarenpas bus pass
The ‘Blarenpas’ is a special bus pass that has unlimited validity on all bus routes during the Four Days Marches week, including the special early-morning bus services to and from the starting point. More information about the Blarenpas is available online from late June onwards at