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  • Hotel Restaurant Rozenhof

    Hotel Restaurant Rozenhof

    Rozenhof lies in the hamlet of Heilig Landstichting in the magnificent hills between Nijmegen and Groesbeek....


  • Van der Valk hotel Cuijk - Nijmegen

    Van der Valk hotel Cuijk - Nijmegen

    Spend the night in a green environment Stay relaxed in Van der Valk hotel Cuijk - Nijmegen during the...


  • Slapen bij Herman

    Slapen bij Herman

    Relax and enjoy! Nice walk without worries. Enjoy the largest walking party in the Netherlands and don't...


  • Waalcamping Vierdaagsecamping

    Waalcamping Vierdaagsecamping

    As a participant of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches, you can spend the night at the Waal camping site...


  • VVV Wijchen

    VVV Wijchen

    VVV Tourist Information Office Wijchen is thé place for all your tourist information about what’s on...


  • Speeltuin Brakkefort

    Speeltuin Brakkefort

    Come to our pleasant playground in the Brakkenstein neighbourhood. We have two different fortresses,...


  • Speeltuin De Leemkuil

    Speeltuin De Leemkuil

    In the largest playground in Nijmegen you can have an adventurous time playing in the woods! We have...


  • Logis Hotel Restaurant Hoogeerd

    Logis Hotel Restaurant Hoogeerd

    On the banks of the River Maas, between Oss and Nijmegen, lies Hoogeerd. A stunning area with an abundance...


  • Center Parcs Het Heijderbos

    Center Parcs Het Heijderbos

    Center Parcs Het Heijderbos is situated in splendid woodland surroundings. We offer various types of...


  • De Duivelsberg Pancake Restaurant

    De Duivelsberg Pancake Restaurant

    This old inn is located in the middle of the Duivelsberg nature reserve. There are some lovely walking...

    Berg en Dal

  • Vakantie bij Meeussen

    Vakantie bij Meeussen

    A holiday at Meeussen’s is a holiday in comfortable detached bungalows in leafy surroundings. A holiday...


  • WaalScooter


    Relaxed sightseeing by electric scooter! Discover the Waal river and Rijk van Nijmegen region on silent,...


  • Betuws Oorlogsmuseum ‘The Island’ 1944-1945

    Betuws Oorlogsmuseum ‘The Island’ 1944-1945

    The museum provides an overview of 1944–1945 in The Betuwe. Sixteen different nationalities fought in...


  • Hotel Oranjestaete

    Hotel Oranjestaete

    Contemporary relaxation in an historic city; that's what Apparthotel Oranjestaete in Nijmegen is all...


  • Landerij De Park

    Landerij De Park

    Landerij De Park, a centre where you can experience nature and come into contact with the countryside...


  • Apollo Hotel Nijmegen

    Apollo Hotel Nijmegen

    or almost 25 years we welcome our guests with love and joy. Ever since we opened our doors, we had one...


  • B&B Ivy Cottage

    B&B Ivy Cottage

    Ivy Cottage is situated on the edge of the woods in a hilly area and close to nature reserve the Ooijpolder....


  • Maikenshof Recreatie

    Maikenshof Recreatie

    We offer various luxurious accommodations for eight people and above (or less after consultation). The...

    Berg en Dal

  • Wijngaard de Plack

    Wijngaard de Plack

    At the foot of the hilly Reichswald forest is our vineyard Wijngaard de Plack. Originally a mixed family...


  • Campsite de Waay

    Campsite de Waay

    A pleasant family campsite in the central river region, in the heart of the Betuwe and the Gelderse Poort...


  • Vierdaagse Accommodatie Wake 'n Walk

    Vierdaagse Accommodatie Wake 'n Walk

    Slapen vlakbij de start van de Vierdaagse? Dat kan bij Wake ’n Walk. Wij maken tijdelijke hotels in meerdere...


  • Buitengast


    Camping during the Nijmegen Walking 4 Days with your own caravan, camper, folding trailer or tent. Buitengast...


  • VVV Tourist Information Office Groesbeek

    VVV Tourist Information Office Groesbeek

    VVV Tourist Information Office Groesbeek is thé place for all your tourist information about what’s on...


  • Valkhof Museum

    Valkhof Museum

    The most beautiful Roman finds in the Netherlands, a colourful collection of contemporary art and a magnificent...