The Infocentre WW2 Nijmegen

The Infocentre WW2 Nijmegen is a historic, touristic, and educational information point. It aims to provide visitors of Nijmegen and its surrounding the best introduction to the stories, heritage, events, and museums linked to the Second World War in the area. You start your visit with a vivid experience that will give you a better understanding of what consequences WW2 had for Nijmegen and its surroundings. Moreover, visitors to the Infocentre WW2 will learn how the history is kept alive at different historical locations in the city.

The Infocentre WW2 Nijmegen does not charge admission

Opening times

  • Monday - Saturday: 10.00-17.00
    Sundays and holidays: 12.00-17.00
    The Infocentre WW2 will be closed on 1 January (New Year’s Day) and on 25 December (Christmas day).


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