Regional tour Nijmegen (VVV)


Keizer Karelplein 32 h
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The Rijk van Nijmegen region is home to the most incredible natural beauty that the Netherlands has to offer. On the one hand, the river landscape between the rivers Maas and Waal, in the Ooijpolder and Duffelt nature reserves; on the other, the fascinating hilly landscape in which Beek-Ubbergen, Berg en Dal, Groesbeek and Mook are nestled, along with the famous Zevenheuvelenweg. Add to that the city of Nijmegen's rich Roman history and the combination is complete. While you cruise comfortably through the countryside by coach, the VVV tour guide will tell you all about this beautiful region. You will need to provide transport yourself.

A 1.5-hour regional tour accompanied by an enthusiastic and expert VVV tour guide costs €127.50 for groups up to 25 people.


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